Everything you need to know about AndroDumpper Apk

The present-day society is highly concerned and is aware of new technology and software is updated daily. As a result, almost all generations are using advanced technological devices to connect all over the world. So that social media has become an essential part of human lives. Various apps and software make work easier and safer day by day. AndroDumpper App plays a major role under that kind of a situation. It is ready to connect Wi-Fi routers easily. To those who are new to this app let me introduce what this software is. It is an android application which is used to connect enabled Wi-Fi routers to have the vulnerability Wi-Fi routers connections. It is mainly focused on access points of WPS connections.

Important facts about AndroDumpper Wifi app

It is an app with a lot of interesting features. It let you verify the security of your point of access, meanwhile, it also lets you see all the passwords for all the Wi-Fi networks that have connected to from that android device.

Basically, this software has specialized algorithms. It is very small in size which is probably around 4MB only. Another important thing is that all types of devices are supported to install. Isn’t it amazing? AndroDumpper android, PC, Windows, and iOS platforms are well supported and all these operating systems seem highly compatible to install and use. Not only that, it has a nice graphical user interface and flexible to use. You can download this application from the official Blog. It is developed and maintained by Osama Abu Kmail. This app is working based on two kinds of methods. One is root method and the other one is no root method.

  • No Root method

It is a new way to connect WPS and it has good algorithms to make a difference from all other competitor’s tools. No Root method supports only Android 5.0 and up versions. In this method, it stores the password somewhere in your mobile phones and the password will not be shown on your Android device. This app is run on access points totally. Therefore, it connects only Access points and keeps this connection saved on your network list. Furthermore, access points make this app very popular and powerful in the android market.

  • Root method

This method provides all network information and displays passwords on your smartphones. Root method displays total information about enabled Wi-Fi routers access points. This tool under the Root Method supports to android 4.0 and up versions. AndroDumpper for iPhone is the best example to show the connected routers passwords on it. Connections are manually connected, and you can get passwords. This occurs only sometimes. And it automatically connects authenticated networks. If you have the enthusiasm to see passwords go to Root method.

When we pay our attention to some of the technical information about this amazing tool, we can see that it is License free. It belongs to the category of Networks. It has over 3,168,256 downloads so far. And its size is just 4.22MB. Now, this is amazing.

Must know facts about AndroDumpper app

You need to go to the menu and then you should choose the passwords because only those users who rooted their devices could show passwords for your current saved Wi-Fi networks. But in case if you already know the PIN of WPS already you could use the application to connect and get the password using your pin successfully. This tool could not connect to some of the access points as these access points which may not be affected by the WPS bug. Thus, it is clearly not the mistake of this application at all. This application only makes use of the bugs of an Access point to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

It is very funny when you are using this app on your network or any other connected network which is useless as it will successfully connect with already saved networks or connected networks although your network is not affected with the bug of WPS. The routers with WPS push button and with no fixed PIN, this app will not work well as it tries to use the fixed PIN. Knowing these important facts is a must when you install this app to the device,

We can download Androdumper app in different ways

  1. Google Play Store.

We can download easily from Google Play Store and this is the official way to download this app successfully.

  1. Third-party sites.

We can also download from other third-party sites, but you have to be very careful when you download from those websites as they may inject with viruses.

How to install AndroDumpper app on Android device?

  • First enable your Wi-Fi Connection.
  • Download and install AndroDumpper app.
  • Open the app on android device.
  • Next wait for few minutes to scan all Wi-Fi connections available near you.
  • Then you will get all available Wi-Fi connections list on top of the screen.

To use the app correctly, you must have a rooted device and the app Busybox installed. You can still use the application even if this is not the case but the check without rooted privileges is less reliable.

This software is safe at all. It has high security to maintain your details very confidential. Also, it is developing for only testing and education purposes. One of the best things about it is that it doesn’t ask to login or sign up to use this. This is freely available for Android, PC, iOS mobile phones.

AndroDumpper needs these permissions on your Android device

  • Access information about networks.
  • Write to external storage.
  • Read-only access to phone state.
  • Prevent processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.
  • Access information about Wi-Fi networks.

You will find it very easy to get this software free. Further, it has no premium option to purchase this application yet the official AndroDumpper team may add premium version some other time. We should appreciate them.