The Incredible Features Offered By The Androdumpper

So, you know about what AndroDumpper APK is, right?

For those who need a reminding about it, here is a brief introduction;

It is an android system that has been built to test the Wi-Fi protected setup or the WPS of a device. You can check the number of connections that have been made on your WPS as well as check the number of available connections nearby. You get the chance to connect to the strongest available one among all those.

Yes, this application is a must-have when it comes to modern society. Well, there is not a single person that will say no to a good internet connection or will not need one.

It is almost as if our lives depended on the internet, so it is needless to explain the importance of an application that helps you through the bad connections in your life, right?

To get along with this one you need to understand the basic features that it offers you.

Here is what AndroDumpper APK has to offer you…

There are many features available with this application and I shall discuss them all one by one with you.

How much does it cost?

For a starter, we shall talk about its price. Well, how much is it? How much do you think will such an app cost? My friend, it is zero dollars. There are no charges or no hidden costs when using it. There is a premium version for those who need more super qualities.

How can you install it? – well, it does not involve rocket science!

Also, there are two methods of installing this system in your mobile or personal computer. Both of them are pretty easy and will be discussed right away. You can choose the one that seems easier and get along with it rather than wasting your time over methods that you do not know. 

There are limitations between the two methods because of the massive technical difference.

Know whether your connection is safe

Talking about all the methods to hack into networks for educational purposes (or at desperate times), you should be asking one question yourself. You should better be wandering whether yours is safe or not because that is what a smart person will do.

Do not worry about that either, because this application offers you the facility to check it as well. For your information, this was initially developed for the sole purpose of identifying the number of devices connected to your Wi-Fi router. So, do not worry or stress yourself, just log in and check the number of connections.

Get the passwords if you like

You can get the passwords of the nearby networks if you require them. But for this, you will have to use the root method of installing which involves rooting of your phone.

With this feature, you get the chance to manually connect to those networks at a later time. Well, do not charge me for theft because these are the actual amazing features offered by the AndroDumpper APK.

Well, now you know about it…

You have all the information that you need regarding the features offered by the application. The next step that you will have to take is, installing it and gets it going. 

I guess that you are really happy with the number of features offered by a simple, free of charge app. Are you ready to install it? Well, hold on to roll on!

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